It’s Christmas time, and that means you may soon need to update your headphone collection wither thanks to losing old sets throughout the year, or just to treat yourself, but which one do you choose? There are ow a ton of options available in the headphone and earphone market, ranging from those aimed at the fitness nerd, all the way to the bass-junkie.

Check out some of the headphones and earphones that we think are the best options below.


Urbanears Zinken

Priced at just £120 (down to £60 on Amazon!), the Urbanears Zinken is the cheapest set of headphones on our list this year, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be one of your top options, featuring an immensely colourful design that looks and feels great, the Zinken are just about perfect for the average joe.

ES FC300-580-90

Onkyo ES-FC300

Next on our list is the ES-FC300 over-ear headphones by Onkyo, designed for the fine-tuned music lovers, a lot of reviews say steer away if you’re a bass lover, however if you enjoy the high and low mid-range of your music and the sleek black matte design, the ES-FC300 are a perfect set of headphones to pick up.


Sol Republic Master Tracks

Sol Republic’s Master Tracks headphones are definitely one of the headphones in the over £100 price range, featuring a sound that is powerful, filling and detailed. Designed to be worn for long periods of time, the Master Tracks headphones are extremely comfortable  and with that sleek industrial looking design, your sure to turn heads.


Bowers & Wilkins P7

However, if you are looking for the priciest pair of headphones in the shop, you probably want to look no further than the Bowers & Wilkins P7, featuring a leather headband, soft leather cups and metal accents, everything about the P7 has been designed meticulously for the big spender.

Featuring precise clean sound, the P7 headphones are one of the best for delivering top-notch sound, even at high volumes.

(Earphones to be added soon).

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