Choosing any tech product can sometimes be a complete minefield, with so many options you often find yourself standing in a shop like Carphone Warehouse, cycling through about 5 or 6 options until you find one that you will come to regret a few months later, do the same for someone else and things could turn out even worse, but this Christmas TechNutty is deciding to do something about it, aiming to spread our knowledge of all things geek, we have created a set of lists to help you select the right product when in the shops this Christmas.

To view a list within a particular category simply select one of the images below, those which are grayed out have yet to be posted.

[one_third]TECHNUTTY HGG ICON TABLETS[/one_third]
[one_third_last]TECHNUTTY HGG ICON SMARTPHONES[/one_third_last]

[one_third]TECHNUTTY HGG ICON GAMING[/one_third]
[one_third]TECHNUTTY HGG ICON headphones[/one_third]

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