News can sometimes be boring, sad and even a little dull, but here at TechNutty we are determined to end that with the introduction of a new feature we like to call ProjectUnicorn, basically the idea is to force users to see the good in every news story by automatically showing them pictures of Unicorns after 5 seconds of inactivity.

No longer will readers sit around bored waiting for something good to come out from the day, as we are already brightening up every news story one Unicorn at a time.

To get their life all sweet and cheerful, readers have to do nothing, as we have already put most of the work in, painstakingly tracking down Unicorn’s from around the world, we have managed to gain photos of some of the most magnificent species from around the planet.

However its still not enough, with nearly 6,000 article posted, there’s simply not enough Unicorn’s to go around, so we need you guys to help us out.

Send us a Tweet with your Unicorn photoshoot today, including “#ProjectUnicorn” in your message in order to get your best photos here on the site.

To help you out a bit, we have created a template for you to Tweet, simply click this link (Tweet: @TheTechNuttyUK Here’s my submission for #ProjectUnicorn: ), add in your photo (s) and you are ready to help brighten up to world, one news story at a time.

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