Yes, we are finally back with another wish list after a fair few weeks with no new products, as it’s been such a long time we have decided to go back to the usual 3 item list within which we have some pretty awesome products for you guys to take a look at.

8Mp Digital Underwater Camera Mask

In a bit of a change-up, the first on the item on the wish list actually isn’t available to buy just yet and is only available for pre-order until November 7th, which isn’t too far away for you to wait.

The 8MP Digital Underwater Camera Mask is a brand new product that allow you to take great photos even when underwater, but the great thing is it actually  doubles up as a snorkel at the same time, making it super easy to grab those close up shots.

In order to take the photo they have added some pretty huge buttons that make it easy to press with the lens placed between the eyes so the camera can see what you see without your hand in front of it.

The worst part is that the device only comes with 32MBs of in-built storage but this is expandable up to 32GBs with a microSD card, there is a digital display however which makes it easy to find out how many photos you have already took and keep track of space.

The Camera Mask will allow you to take 8 megapixel images and can even record video, all of which is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, and can be transferred to any PC with the included USB cord.

The 8Mp Digital Underwater Camera Mask is available to pre-order today for around £110 from Red5.

Spy Hawk Video Glasses

The Spy Hawk Video Glasses are the second product on our wish list, as well as being an accessory that actually goes with one of the products we have already featured here on TechNutty.

The Spy Hawk Video Glasses are a new accessory that can be used in conjunction with the Spy Hawk Remote Control Plane which packs a 5 megapixel camera and records its surroundings whilst in the sky, the video glasses link up to this and allow you to get a true birds eye view.

The glasses will display what the plane records on a virtual 72 inch screen which is placed right in front of your eyes giving you the feeling that your right there, overall this provides an okay 300×224 resolution.

The Spy Hawk Video Glasses are available to buy today from Red5 for around £120.

Dead Space 2 Issac Clarke Statue

There’s always some cool stuff here on the Wish list and last up on this weeks list is probably one of the coolest products we have seen to date.

New at ThinkGeek is a Dead Space 2 collectors statue, the 1:5 scale 16 inch tall statue looks way to good to be any statue however, with amazing attention to detail.

The statue itself consists of David Clarke standing over the remains of a necromorph, presumably one that he just killed, alongside which he’s even holding the plasma cutter from the game, ready to slice up some aliens.

Probably the biggest part however is defiantly that the helmet lights up, freaking awesome right?

You can pick one up for yourself from ThinkGeek for around $270 (around £170).


As always if you have any suggestions for the next TechNutty Wish List let us know in the comments below, also tell us what you think about this weeks list.

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