Were back! Sorry I didn’t fill you in on our favorite gadgets last week we where working on a lot of new stuff and didn’t find the time, but this week we have some great items to make up for it.

Into Focus Camera Mug

Are you one of those photography fanboys who can’t get enough of his cameras? well this 310ml mug is defiantly what you should be keeping your drinks in from now on.

Served in your favorite DSLR lens, the Into Focus Camera Mug is made from ceramic and holds your drink so it’s nothing to revolutionary, but what it does have that’s pretty cool is a lid which you can pop at any point you don’t want a drink anymore and still keep it warm.

Not only that but the lid also doubles up as a coaster, cool eh?

Bag your Camera Mug from Red5 today for £9.95


Arcadie For iPhone

Ever seen that big iPad case that lets you play games in an arcade style? Well now it’s come to the iPhone in the form of the Arcadie.

As you can see from the image above the Arcadie looks quite cool much like a mini arcade machine, but don’t be fooled by it’s screen as that is a docked iPod Touch or iPhone just waiting for you to play the latest retro games designed for the case.

With the use of an 8 way joystick and two buttons you can play a wide range of games that have been designed specifically with the Arcadie in mind, allowing you to act like your in a mini Arcade, to fit your iPhone in is an easy process, all you do is open the door at the bottom and slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the 30 pin dock connector, that’s it.

Check out the Arcadie at Red5 where you can pre-order it for £14.95, it’s expected for the 27th of July by the way so a bit of a wait but not too long.


The Liquid Laser

The Liquid Laser is one of the coolest laser making machines we have ever seen before, giving you an ultra cool light show wherever you go.

Your probably wondering why its called the liquid laser, well its because of the way that this lighting product displays the lasers, made up of green and red the lasers will be constantly moving and merging in order to give of a fluid light show, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show.

The best part about this is its portable so you can take it with you to the park, beach, BBQ or even the garage and use it without any wires, the whole things powered by battery’s so you never have to worry about the lack of plug sockets.

At the moment you can only pre-order the device but you can do so from Red5 for £39.95 from where you should receive your liquid laser by early July.


And that’s all the items on our Wish List, but we will be back next week with more products for you to buy.

Whilst your waiting , why not leave us a comment below with any idea we should put in our next wish list, or check out the full Wish List on Amazon at any time.

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