Every week on TechNutty we show you three items that you probably haven’t seen before, this week we’re going to look at the Classic Super Famicom Controller For Wii, iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker and the Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light.

Classic Super Famicom Controller For Wii

Are you bored with using the same old controller for you Wii, and want to use something a little different for a change? Well with the Classic Super Famicom controller you can do this at the same time as taking a trip down memory lane when you used the NES and SNES controllers for the first time.

You can use this controller for any game you choose really, but it works best with the Wii Virtual Console whilst playing you favorite pastime games like Zelda or even Street Fighter II.

You can pick up your new controller from ThinkGeek for $19.99.

iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker

Are you fed up of using your phone’s crappy inbuilt speaker, and want something that bit louder but at the same time not to easy to use? Well, you should probably take a look at the next item on our list, the iFrogz Boost Near-Field Audio Speaker.

When you hear the word speaker you automatically think of a ton of wires or having to connect up with Bluetooth through weird pairing methods.

With the iFrogz speaker, you don’t have to do any of that, all you have to do is place any of your smartphones or digital media players on top of the Boost and it mill automatically amplify the sound.

And if your device is not capable of working with the Boost, no problem it also comes with an aux cable for those ancient devices.

Now you might be wondering how exactly it does this, well it’s not through a hidden mic for one and instead works using patent pending NearFA™ technology, allowing the audio signal from your device to sync with the Boosts 2W x 2RMS speakers.

Check out the video below, and buy your own today from ThinkGeek for $39.99


Monkey Light 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light

Have you ever wanted one of those bikes from Tron, with the light up wheels? Well, now you can have one without changing bikes or spend a large some of the money with the 8-Bit Bike Wheel Light from Monkey Light.

The light is pretty simple to set up, and all you have to do is strap the battery pack to the bike wheel’s hub and then install the light unit wherever you choose.

Once your done your done you can choose from 20 different light patterns, each with the press of a button, and then you can start cycling and watching you wheels do all the cool work of lighting the street. (do make sure to keep your eyes on the road, though)

Check out the video below for more info, and head on over to ThinkGeek to pick up your bike light for $49.99

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