This week on TechNutty Wish List we chose three items that kinda go together but all in different ways, check them out below.

River Song’s Tardis Journal

If you are a fan of Doctor Who then you might recognize the first item on our list as its River Song’s Diary featured in the last couple of series of Doctor Who, yes finally you can pretend you are the one following the Doctor through time and space, using the diary to keep track of the timeline as you find each over, or you could use it  to write about you latest alien crush at school.

The journal is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible and contains 160 lined white pages with a TARDIS design on the outside.

You can pick up your time traveling journal from ThinkGeek *$9.99 (Somewhere around £6.15 in the UK)

PhoneSoap- Phone Sanitizer

I’m sure throughout your life you have been warned of tons of ways you can catch germs, you parents telling you off for not washing your hands after you have been to the bathroom or those toilet tablet adverts claiming to kill 99.9% of germs, but what about your phone?

You probably haven’t worried about your phone harboring germs before, but it a lot worse than you may think with reports claiming that phones are now 18 times more harmful than the handle on a public toilet it’s time we found a way to kill these germs hanging around on our phones.

Well, PhoneSoap has the answer, the PhoneSoap is a small box which will charge and sanitize your mobile phone simultaneously using UV-C light, which is the electromagnetic radiation used in hospitals to clean. The light emitted from this box will reportedly kill 99.9% of bacteria and virus’ on your phone, alongside this it only takes 3-5 minutes for the sanitation to complete, making for a quick clean in the morning.

To get your PhoneSoap you need to head on over to KickStarter where you can pledge *$39 (about £24) or more to pre-order one of these devices.


“The One” Keyboard For iPhone, PC or Mac

The One is most defiantly the keyboard of the future and is something I most defiantly need in my life, this keyboard allows you to connect your smartphone/ tablet to the keyboard dock and use the keyboards keys to input text into both your phone/ tablet and your computer at the same time, all you have to do is press a button to change where you want your typing to go.

The keyboard connects to your computer via USB, and to your other device wireless which is activated with its own button on the keyboard, which also lights up to let you know when it’s turned on.

Alongside that the one also features anti-ghosting technology, 2 port USB 2.0 hub as well as support for both your smartphone (iPhone or Android 3.0+) or tablet (Android 3.0+ or iPad).

You can pick up the only keyboard you’ll ever need from ThinkGeek for *$99.99 (Around £60)


If you have any ideas for some great new items for our wish list, please let us now by using the feedback form to the left of this article, after clicking on that you can click on ideas and fill in he form.

*At time of article

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