This week on TechNutty Wish List we decided to feature a few cool iPhone and iPad cases that caught our eye recently.


Etch-a-Sketch iPhone 4 Case

The first product on the list is the Etch A Sketch iPhone 4 Case, this cool case brings the practicality of a protective case and the fun of an Etch A Sketch drawing toy into one product and yes this is even officially licensed.

The case itself is made of an impact resistant ABS plastic which has been moulded to look like one of our favourite household toys the Etch-a-Sketch.

You can pick up your Etch-a-Sketch iPhone case from Ebuyer for *£19.99

Portal 2 Aperture iPad Sleeve

If you are planned to get tested over at Aperture Laboratories and plan to bring your iPad with then you most defiantly need the Aperture Laboratories iPad Sleeve, which will help you protect your iPad device from getting damaged or destroyed during portal switching.

The sleeve fits both the iPad and iPad 2 as well as the new iPad, featuring bright orange colours with black and white details as well;l as an Aperture Laboratories logo which also doubles up as a place to feed your headphones through.

Oh and it is again an officially licensed Portal 2 product so no worries with that.

You can pick up your new Aperture iPad sleeve from Think Geek for *$29.99 (For UK delivery you will have to add an extra $26.19 for express delivery)

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard

Our next product to show you is most defiantly the coolest gadget we have ever seen, the Magic Cube brings back all of those promises you had as a child that in a few years we would be tapping air instead of a keyboard.

The Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard is a tiny cubed shaped device which projects a keyboard onto any flat surface you can find, after which it can connect to more or less any device that has Bluetooth enabled.

As well as that coolness you even get simulated click sounds as well as a full sized 63 key QWERTY keyboard with the ability to connect to your iPad, iPhone or even your laptop.


You can get the coolest device of this year from ThinkGeek for *$179.99 (For UK delivery you will have to add an extra $26.19 for express delivery)

If you have any ideas for some great new items for our wish list, please let us now by using the feedback form to the left of this article, after clicking on that you can click on ideas and fill in he form.

*At time of article

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