What better way to celebrate the launch of Iron Man 3 next month than to by some memorabilia, and we quite possibly have the coolest case for you iPhone, that will allow you to do so.

A replica of Tony Stark’s Mark VII Iron Man suit, the case is made for the iPhone 5 and comes complete with a glowing LED chestplate above the Apple logo on the back of the phone, as it is styled based on the front of Iron Man’s armor, the case does look a little chubby, so you might need some big pockets to carry your phone in after you have fitted it, however I defiantly think it’s worth it.

The case is built by a company called 86Hero, who have designed the case with a metallic red and gold design. Built to simply slide on, the left hand corner of the phone will even flip out to reveal your phone’s camera.


You can pick up the case today from the Brando Workshop site for $49 (£33), shipping from April.

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