If you are a regular TechNutty reader, then you should have seen this segment before, it’s where we show you three products we think are cool every week, its like Genius but for geeks. This week we have a couple of iPhone gadgets alongside a very expensive tent, more after the break.

MicroStylus Compact Capacitive Touch Stylus

The first product we have on the list this week is the MicroStylus Compact Capacitive Touch Stylus, but where just going to call it the Microstylus as that name is way to long to keep typing.

Anyway getting onto the product itself, the Microstylus is most probably the best stylus you have ever seen, it actually makes you want to use one again. What makes it so great is the brilliant compactness it includes.

To explain it, think of a normal stylus, there always long things that you can never find anywhere to store and always losing, but not with the MicroStylus as this bad boy actually fits right into your headphone jack, doing to jobs at once, the first being somewhere to store the pen itself the second keep all that fluff and dust out of your headphone port.

Check out the Microstylus for yourself at ThinkGeek, and if you really like it you can pick one up for just $9.99

Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case

If your always carrying a wallet around with you to various clubs and camping trips, the next product is defiantly the one to create some space in those pockets.

One thing that really annoys me is always carrying around cards that I never use, trying to fit in a think wallet and your phone in the same pocket can sometimes be a hard mission, but the Stowaway iPhone Wallet Case is here to solve that problem.

The case does this with its secure back compartment allowing you to carry up to three different cards in possibly the safest place you know, the back of your iPhone.

Not only that but the case is also made from a mix of polycarbonate and silicone, making it the perfect compaign to keep those bumps and scrapes from damaging your phone, alongside that you also get a microfibre cloth so you can clean the screen when it starts to get dirty.

If you want a wallet iPhone case then head on over to ThinkGeek and pick up yours for $29.99.

FieldCandy Space Tent

If you’re a avid explorer then you don;t just one some boring brown tent to live in during your camping holidays, you want one that will bring found memories to those nighttime sleeps in the woods, and trust me no tent does that better than FieldCandy’s Space tent.

Where going to start of with the best thing about this tent, it’s a limited edition with only 195 tents in the world with this same design, meaning you will be the only one on the camp site with a tent as cool as this one, alongside that the tent is also a high-performance A-frame storm tent which means it isn’t going flying off during the night whilst you’re doing your business, alongside that the flysheet has been made completely from polyester, making it highly durable as well as UV fade resistant.

Alongside that it has also been treated with Ultra-Fresh which prevents the buildup of bacteria and fungus inside the tent, as well as that it has also been coated with teflon for added strength.

Within the flysheet there is also a ‘front porch’ which can be used to store any items you don’t want to sleep with, like your shoes, this can also be pinned back to let more light in during the day.

If the other stuff wasn’t enough FieldCandy have also added Zippers made from YKK, who are the world’s leading manufacturer of zippers, there is also a set of pegging points around the tent made from a strong elastic which are also adjustable for added security and stability, and the pegs you stick in them are strong to, made from a hardened aluminium they are nearly impossible bed.

You can find out more from ThinkGeek, where you can also pick one up for $789.99.


We are always on the lookout for new products across the web, but we can’t find everything so if you think you can find something better then what we featured head on other to the contact us page and give us a shout, or click the feedback tab to your right and send us an idea with the subject ‘TechNutty Wish List’.

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