We have been doing this weekly segment of TechNutty Wish List for a fair few weeks now and are extremely enjoying it, within this segment we show you three products that you will want to buy, this week were going to show off the Panic Button Light Switch, Walking Robot Inchworm and an Avengers Cologne Set.

Panic Button Light Switch

Have you got bored with that same old button you press to turn your lights on at night, need something a bit geekier? Well, we have the light switch for you, with this Panic Button Light switch which does the same as any other light switch really but a lot cooler.

Just by looking at this thing I know I want one, just the idea of simply slapping this button in a scene of hurry makes me happy.

You will have to fit this yourself but that isn’t hard trust us, all you will have to do is turn of your power supply on screw and detach your old switch, re-attach the wires to the new one and screw it back in. As a disclaimer always be safe when doing any work with electricity making sure to check, check and check again that the supply is switched of before starting any work.

You can buy your new Panic Button Light Switch from ThinkGeek.com for *$24.99 (unfortunately this cannot be shipped outside the US 🙁 )

BioMetal Robot Inchworm

By now you probably thought we would be living in some sort of Terminator movie with robots everywhere, but so far that is still a thing of the future.

Or is it? As with the BioMetal Fiber Walking Robot Inchworm you can own your very own pet robot.

The worm uses BioMetal technology, which when heated up will contract moving the Inchworm’s feet across your floor, when you stop the current the worm will expand returning to it’s original position, and can be done oin any non-slick surface, check out this video for more info:

You can get your cool new robot from ThinkGeek.com for *$29.99

Avengers Cologne Set

By now more or less everyone in the world has seen the new Avengers movie, one which some people would like to take one step further by smelling like your favorite superhero from the film.

That’s right you can now get this set of Avengers Cologne which includes Captain America’s cologne called Patriot, Thor’s which is rightly called Worthy, Iron Mans which has been named Mark VII and finally the Hulk named appropriately as SMASH!

Get your new cologne from ThinkGeek.com for *$59.99 (Cannot be shipped outside of the US)


If you have any ideas for some great new items for our wish list, please let us now by using the feedback form to the left of this article, after clicking on that you can click on ideas and fill in the form.

*At time of article

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