This week we have gone for a gaming theme, featuring three items that should defiantly be in your tech wish list. Check them out below:

Portable NES Game Console

If you play games whilst on the move, but miss your old-fashioned 8-bit NES and 16-bit SNES games the Retro Duo Portable Game System is defiantly for you.

This portable NES/SNES console will allow you to play those old games you have hanging around that you can’t play anymore, alongside that you don’t have to do it all on your own as it can even hook up to your TV allowing you to play two player with the two extension controllers provided.

The controllers will also work with both the screen on the console, or using the TV display which means you can take a backseat viewing your side of the game on the console whilst the over views his on the big screen.

Even better the handheld will even last up to 8 hours on a single charge, and can be made compatible with Sega Genesis games via the RetroGen Adapter, which sadly isn’t included.

You can pick up your own Retro Duo Portable NES?SNES Game System from ThinkGeek for *$89.99 (which is about £55 in the UK)

Sphero Robotic Ball

The Sphero Robotic Ball is our favourite gadget on this weeks list, mixing a ball with a bit of tech makes it fun for everyone including animals apparently.

The Sphero is basically a ball with a twist it allows you to make it order via you smartphone or tablet, you can tilt, touch or swing in order to make the ball move around your bedroom floor.

As well as the tilting, twisting and swinging you can even draw a shape on your screen for Sphero to follow, or even swing your phone/ tablet like a golf club (not to hard) and Sphero will fly of like a golf ball.

But that’s not all you can even gets your mates to join in with multiplayer apps, making it fun for the whole gang.

Currently the device is only available on iOS and Android but if you have a phone with those OS you should defiantly get one. Check out this video for more info:

You can buy your Sphero Robotic Ball from ThinkGeek for *$129.99 (or about £79 in the UK)

Caanoo Handheld Console Emulator

If the NES Handheld console is just not enough for you than the new Caanoo Console Emulator is defiantly for you, giving you the opportunity to a variety of video game classics from the Commodore 64, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, NeoGeo and various other Flash Games.

The only problem is the device doesn’t come with any emulator software or game roms installed or even an SD card which means you will need to download everything yourself but of course Google is your friend on this one.

There is another side to the Caanoo however as it can also play videos, e-books, voice recordings and even has a calendar, alongside that there is no limit to the size of the MicroSD cards you can use giving you truly unlimtied storage (well until you use it all).

To play the games you load on the Caanoo also includes a high-res touchscreen and gaming controls which include a left thumbstick, 4 buttons on the right and another two shoulder buttons on the top.

If your interested you can get your Caanoo Handheld Console Emulator from Thinkgeek for $119.99 (or about £73 across the pond)


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