Here at TechNutty we like to keep you informed of all the great tech you want to know about, so in order to do this better we are starting our new segment called TechNutty Wish List, in this list we will feature all the cool tech that caught our eye this week, after which you can vote for which item you would like to see next week.

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch

Our first item is one we picked that goes very well with our last item, (but more about that later) and is called the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. The Pickmaster will basically allow you to punch out a plectrum for your guitar out of anything you like, the idea, however, is to do it from any old card you no longer use, all you do is slide it under to cutter and you have a plectrum, you can even slide it in at the in the right-hand side to get your name punched.

Get it from Amazon for *£20.95

Valve Portal Prop Replica Gun

Our second item on the wish list is probably the coolest thing we have ever seen, Valve’s Replica Portal Prop Gun, yes it’s true you can finally pretend to shoot portals around your home with a gun that actually looks like the real deal, the gun is a limited edition piece, with only 5000 run worldwide, being one of the most requested video game props of all time it is gonna get some huge demand, the replica is completely life-size measuring 30″ in length, alongside this it also features both orange and blue lights alongside unique sounds, corresponding to each color.

You can get the gun for *£99.99

Rocksmith and Epiphone Les Paul Guitar (Xbox 360)

Rocksmith is finally in the UK and at TechNutty we are very excited to get a copy of the next stage to the average guitar game, allowing you to plug a real guitar into your console, allowing you to learn whilst you play. nothing is plastic or fake, everything is focused on a full and feature guitar playing experience getting you into real music. Rocksmith is also great for any guitar player who is willing to try, you could be the next Jimi Hendrix or the next hobo playing in the street, Rocksmith is for you.


Get the guitar and game from Amazon for *£134.99

Or just the game for *£49.99


If you have any ideas for some great new items for our wish list, please let us now by using the feedback form to the left of this article, after clicking on the that you can click on ideas and fill in he form.

*At time of article

Check out the TechNutty Wish List at any time.

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