RED5 have just launched a couple of awesome helicopters, that we think would be absolutely great in the office for teasing the co-workers.

The first one up is the Stinger 3 channel missile helicopter, which as you can guess is a normal RC helicopter with the added bonus of launch-able rockets.

The Stinger can pack a max of 6 missiles, which allow you to chase down your enemy and attack with hovering abilities and 360 degree accurate positioning and rotating.

You can either shoot your missiles singularly at your target, or go for a continuous burst of rapid-firing, the control included is your tool for controlling the plane, which will allow you to move up/down, left/right and forwards/backwards, which can all be done with ease thanks to the gyro stabilizer on the top.

Alongside this as with most RC helicopters the Stinger also has a set of flickering lights and a pretty decent battery to keep it flying longer, the best thing however is that you can actually pair 3 of these up and take part in an epic shootout.

The second product released, that kinda goes with the Stinger is the Viper Water Jet helicopter, which does everything similarly to the Stinger as in it has the same 3 channel controls, alongside the gyro system, and 360 degree rotating.

Except the ammo is a bit different, as you can guess by the name the Viper Water Jet Helicopter doesn’t take missiles, it shoots water, which can be stored and shoot at your target from the 10ml water canister.

If you want to pick up your own attack helicopter, then go check out the Stinger or Viper over at, where you can pick up either one for around £35.

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