We Want to take over the world.

So we launched TechNutty Stories

Forget Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. We have the stories app for you.

TechNutty Stories is truly unlike anything else you have ever seen because we had the courage* to provide you with the latest stories, right from our homepage even if you don't have any friends.

Yes, you read that right! You can use TechNutty Stories even if you don't have any friends. which you don't, let's be honest.

We make you friends

So you don't have to

As we previously established, you don't have any friends. TechNutty Stories automagically recognises that and asks you if you would like to find some.

At the tap of the button marked "YES!!"*, TechNutty Stories will create you a selection of friends with out patent-pending and friendly automated bot creation tool. We have studied the mass of other stories application to create you the perfect group of friends, with members who share yet another cat photo with you and make sure that you know that your life is shit.

Friends without hastle

Join the beta today*

We will be launching the beta for this amazing stories app later today (April 1st at 12 PM BST)* so be sure to join in on the beta from app stores worldwide.

Time until the launch