If you enjoy making music, or just want to play with something cool then you might be interested in Teenage Engineering’s updated synthesizer range, which were debuted at NAMM this week.

Still called the Pocket Operator series, they improve upon the previous set by allowing users to access bass, lead and rhythm all in one system, with the new PO-20 Arcade, PO-24 Office and the PO-28 Robot, which offer percussion, bass and melody built into a single unit, each of which is distinguished by the visual style of the device.

The Arcade is the most well-rounded of all of the new synths, with lead, bass and rhythm components, designed for the Average Joe. The Office is a more natural sound for melodies and the Robot replicates 8-bit sounds, with a focus on live melody and lead playing, it has a glide button that makes it easy to transit between notes.

Check out the videos below for a quick look.

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