Since the release of their game series for The Walking Dead, Telltale has increased in popularity over the last few years, unveiling new games that have been created by the developer, all of which follow popular existing series such as Batman, Game of Thrones, Minecraft, and many more.

Today it was revealed that they may soon have yet another game series in the works.

Today information about the next game in Telltale’s series will be Guardians of the Galaxy, which was reported by SAF-AFTRA, the union of voice actors, which posted a list of the game that are in production, which included Guardians of the Galaxy – The Video.

To add to this, Telltale did say that they were working on an unspecified Marvel game back in April.

Back then, they said that the game would be released in 2017 and it is possible that this new game will be Guardians of the Galaxy.

That said, neither Telltale or Marvel have confirmed anything yet.

We should hear more official news about it soon.

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