In news probably to tackle Sainsbury’s recent eBook buyout,  Tesco has decided to acquire the eBook platform provider, Mobcast in order “to offer our customers even more choice in how they buy and enjoy books.”

This acquisition their purchase of the movie and TV service, Blinkbox in 2011 and the personalised internet radio service, WE7 in June of this year, and will all come together to further build Tesco’s digital entertainment sector.

If you havent heard of it yet, Mobcast is a fairly old platform that provides its users with a catalogue of more than 130,000 eBooks, ready to be purchased on the users smartphone, tablet and e-reader.

Alongside its store, Mobcast also includes its own cloud storage service, allowing customers to sync their eBooks across all of their devices, we don’t know what the company plans to do with Mobcast, but as with Blinkbox and WE7, they might just leave it to do what it has always done.

Check out the press release below for more information.

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Tesco acquires eBook platform provider Mobcast

Tesco has acquired Mobcast, the award-winning digital book platform provider, to offer our customers even more choice in how they buy and enjoy books.

The acquisition further strengthens Tesco’s digital entertainment offer, following the purchase of movie and TV streaming service blinkbox in 2011 and personalised internet radio service WE7 in June 2012.

Mobcast provides a digital book retail platform with a catalogue of more than 130,000 of the UK’s most popular titles which can be bought and read on smartphones, tablets and e-readers. Mobcast offers a cloud-based service that lets customers build up an eBook library collection without being locked-in to one single device.

Michael Comish, CEO Tesco Digital Entertainment, said: “We want our customers to have the widest choice in digital entertainment. We are already one of the UK’s largest booksellers and Mobcast will help us offer even more choice for the large and growing number of customers who want to buy and enjoy books on their digital devices whenever and wherever they want.”

Tony Lynch, CEO of Mobcast, said: “Since we launched Mobcast in 2007, we have been passionate about innovation, the digital book market and allowing customers to read across their devices. We are delighted the products that Mobcast has developed will now be used to introduce the joys of eBook reading to more book lovers in the UK.”

Andy McNab, bestselling author & co-founder of Mobcast, said: “As an author I always thought the ability to carry your library around and read on all your personal devices would be a huge benefit to all. We have developed a product that makes this possible, and being acquired by Tesco ensures that this original vision will be available to as many people as possible.”


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