The UK-based supermarket chains, Tesco and Waitrose have today announced that they will be trailing Apple’s iBeacon technology in two stores in the UK, allowing customers with an iPhone to connect to small wireless sensors called the iBeacon.

These iBeacons will then transmit data to the users iPhone, and by using Bluetooth Low Energy, the stores can use this technology to transmit things like coupons and promotional notifications to a customer’s phone whilst they shop around the store.

Using the technology, the stores can even offer checkout services.

Tesco already began their test at their Chelmsford store last month, and Waitrose began last week at their Swindon store.

According to Marketing magazine, Waitrose are using the technology with their smartphone app to send price promotions to shoppers whilst they are looking through the store, as well as allowing customers to scan barcodes, read reviews on items, and add item to their online shopping basket, as well as pay for items in store with a mobile wallet.

Tesco has said that it won’t be using the software to push things like promotions using the technology, and will only use it to remind customers of their pre-ordered items for the time being.

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Via: Engadget

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