Tesco has today revealed plans for a new event that is due to take place on October 3rd, during which time we expect that the company will be announcing the successor to the Tesco Hudi, the Tesco Hudi 2.

We know this because of the invites that were sent out by Tesco, with the hashtag “LetsHudi” on the front.

Add this with the statement from telco’s chief executive who said that a new enhanced version will be on its way soon, alongside the fact that the Tesco homepage even has a section to register for updates on the Hudi 2 and its pretty much concrete that the company will be announcing the new tablet.

This comes after huge success with the original Hudi which was priced at £119 and quickly sold 35,000 units just a few days after its launch, in fact up to now the company has sold a total of 300,000 units.

At the moment we don’t know much in terms of what the specs for the Hudi 2 will be, but the should improve upon the previous specifications which included a 7-inch 1440 x 900 pixel resolution display (242ppi), a 1.5Ghz A9 quad-core processor, 1Gb of RAM and a Mail 400 quad-core GPU.

You can find out more however and register for updates at the link below.

Via: Tesco

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