A fantastic story was revealed this week that shows just how inspiring and heroic some people can be, despite having an extremely expensive car to not only purchase in the first place but to also fix the body of, an owner of a Tesla Model S sacrificed his own car to save a man who was in the process of having a stroke on the Autobahn near Munich.

The news was revealed by the German news website tz, who reported that a Tesla driver had noticed that a driver of a VW Passat had lost consciousness.

The driver had lost control of the vehicle, hitting the guardrail a few times, all while maintaining a relatively fast speed.

Upon seeing this, the Tesla driver realised that the driver was unconscious and decided to move his Model S in the front of the other driver’s VW and then slow down in front of it in order to stop the Passat in its track.

Shortly after the police and fire brigade arrived and transported the unconscious driver to the hospital, where he is now undergoing treatment.

The police have estimated that the damages to the front bumper of the VW and to the rear bumper of the Tesla will total around 10,000 euros, however, in commemoration of the Tesla driver’s heroics, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has stated that Tesla will be covering any repair costs.

He revealed this in the following tweets:

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