[Update] Originally Elon Musk announced plans for a Tesla event on October 17th, however, today he announced that they have delayed the Tesla announcement until Wednesday.

Here’s the tweet that he revealed that in:

[Original Story] Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed some interesting news this week.

He revealed this in a tweet that he sent out earlier today, revealed that Tesla is planning to host not one but two events that are set to take place during the month of October.

The first of these two events has been set for Monday, October 17th and is an event that Musk says is “unexpected by most” but is set to host a big “Tesla product unveiling”.

Earlier this year, Musk did promise that there would be a follow-up event for the Model 3, however, he didn’t reveal an exact date for that. It’s possible that this first event could be that event.

The second event has been set for Friday, October 28th, according to Musk it will be a partnership event with Tesla and SolarCity. We expect to hear more about Tesla’s SolarCity acquisition during this event, with a possible unveiling of a new solar roof with integrated batteries, and possibility some integration with Tesla’s other products.

Here’s that Tweet from Musk.

We don’t know much more than what we have wrote in this article yet, but as soon as we do, we will make sure you do.

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