Ahead of its official launch, which will probably be quite some time away, Tesla has posted a new and very shadowy photo of the Model Y, which is set to be their crossover SUV.

The photo is very dark and doesn’t show much in terms of the details, however, you can get a look at the size and shape of the EV as well as the curves.

You might also notice that it doesn’t seem to have any wing mirrors.

It was revealed during Tesla’s annual shareholder’s meeting but didn’t come with any more details than what we have previously mentioned.

During the meeting, Musk and Tesla said that they made a mistake when they derived the Model X from the Model S platform due to them having to base the manufacturing off of the Model S, instead of doing that from scratch, so it should be expected that the Model Y won’t have a similar design pattern to the Model X SUV.

This would allow them to use new and better techniques for the Model Y and reduce captial expenditures between the Model 3 and Y by a factor of 2.

They revealed more with the following:

“It would have been better to just design an SUV the way an SUV should be designed. Design a sedan, the way a sedan should be designed. Otherwise, you would just try to shoehorn something that doesn’t make sense.”

It was also revealed that the Model 3 is still on track to begin production in July, at which point the online configurator will go live with the simple options like the colour and wheels at first, and then more complex options later.

And Musk also hinted at an upcoming announcement for Tesla’s electric semi truck.

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