If you already own a Model S or Model X from Tesla then you might be happy to know that Tesla will be rolling out Enhanced Autopilot support for both cars soon.

This is as according to Elon Musk, who revealed on Twitter this week that the Enhanced Autopilot update will start rolling out in “about three weeks” which should be about mid-December.

Tesla first revealed this update back in October, revealing that it will provide the Tesla cars with full autonomous driving capabilities, with a greater level of safety thanks to the eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors placed around the car for 360-degree vision.

There’s also a new radar system for the front of the car to provide more information about what is ahead.

This all comes with a new computer to handle all of this new information, providing 40 times the processing power of the old one.

The Enhanced Autopilot system will be available as a hardware upgrade on all Tesla cars when it rolls out, costing $8,000.

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