Today’s black cab and licensed taxi drivers protest is one that has been planned for a few weeks now, protesting the app Uber due to their claim that the app allows unlicensed taxi drivers to take fairs in the city of London, in order to protest this the taxi drivers decided that they would cause a gridlock in the city in an effort to force regulation of the service.

And so far that protest has certainly not gone unnoticed, with black cabs literally filly the streets of London, and causing major congestion issues for anyone in the area.

This is despite Uber’s recent attempt to try and win the Black Cabs over, releasing an update to their app earlier today that will allow users to hail a black cab right from the app, instead of one of Uber’s registered private drivers.

All the user has to do is slide over to the taxi option and select it, allowing them to hail a black cab rather than Uber’s UberX, Lux and Exec options.

“We recognise the unique heritage and value of traditional black cabs when it comes to getting around. UberTAXI is another way of using technology to offer more choice, making life simpler and keeping London moving.” Uber wrote on its blog.

This new taxi option will however still use the same features as these other options, allowing users to commit to a cashless journey, but instead they will have the reassurance that their driver will have taken The Knowledge, which is basically a test that all black cab drivers take, and means that all black cab drivers know their way around London without having to look at a map or GPS.

For this service you will be charged the flat rates that TFL have set, alongside Uber’s 5% commission charge.

You can find the new feature on Uber’s updated app today.


Image Via: The Independent

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