After all of the protests from the Black Cab service in London, Transport For London has today ruled that the Uber taxi application is in fact legal in the UK.

This ruling comes after London’s Hackney Carriages protested that the app was not held to the same standards as the black cabs are, and as such they are breaking the law in their opinion.

The main issue was with the metering rules in the UK, which cased the black cabs to effectively shut the roads in London in a go-slow day gridlock protest.

Transport for London has now decided to side with Uber, deciding that Uber does in fact adhere to the rules that normal black cabs have to.

TfL said: “In relation to the way Uber operates in London, TfL is satisfied that based upon our understanding of the relationship between the passenger and Uber London, and between Uber London and Uber BV, registered in Holland, that it is operating lawfully under the terms of the 1998 PHV(L) Act.”

This also comes after Uber tried to side with the black cabs by updating its application, allowing it to work with London’s black cabs, but without using the same metering restrictions, which they are allowed to do because of the unique way Uber handles its passenger relationship.

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