Today Transport for London (TfL) announced their plans for the TfL app, with details about a new update that will make it easier you use the Oyster contactless payment method on the go, as well as navigate around the app itself.

The update to the TfL will be launched in August for both iOS and Android and will include a range of new features for the app, most notably including the ability to top up your Oyster card directly from with the app.

The update will also allow you to check the balance of your card, get low balance alerts, and buy Travelcards right from the app on top.

But that’s not all.

TfL also revealed that they are dropping the amount of time that you have before you can touch into a station, reducing that time from 24 hours to just 30 minutes.

As of top, you also won’t have to nominate a station after topping up to register it, instead, it will just load in no matter how much you touch in.

TfL also said that you will be able to touch in on any of London’s 9,000 buses to load credit onto your card by the end of Autumn.

They also plan to expand the app further with the ability to view your journey history for contactless payments, with an easier way to apply for refunds for incomplete journeys.

In order to use all of these new features, you will need an Oyster card that has a “D” printed on the corner of the back of the card (like the one on the right), which should include any card issued after 2010.

If you don’t have an Oyster card with that D then you should be contacted by TfL to get that upgraded.

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