Amazon launched its grocery deliver service in some US cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey some time ago, called Amazon Fresh it allows users to order fresh, frozen and prepared foods on Amazon, after which they will be able to have that food delivered to their address on the same of next day.

According to both the Times of London and Re/code Amazon may currently have plans to launch this Amazon Fresh service internationally, stating that the service is expected to launch in the UK sometime this year, even going as far as to state that it could be available as soon as September or this autumn.

In the UK the Amazon Fresh service will operate in the same way as the US version, however it will certainly be interesting to see how it performs alongside the already well-established food delivery services in the UK like Tesco, Asda or Ocado.

As of yet we don’t have any details on how the service might operate in the UK, however in the US it allows subscribers to get same-day or early morning delivery of orders over $50, with more than 500,000 items available on the service.

It does however require a special subscription that includes Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh, but costs $299 a year in total.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Amazon Fresh doesn’t launch in the same manner in the UK, but obviously changing the pricing to around a £30-£50 minimum order, and about £200 for the subscription.

However all that is just a guess, we won’t know official details until it is announced.

Sources: TimesRe/code

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