This week Bang & Olufsen (B&O) unveiled their latest pair of noise cancelling in-ear headphones, the B&O Beoplay B4.

These new headphones have been designed like many of B&O’s other products with both a premium design and premium audio specifications that should result in a pretty great in-ear experience, without the hassle of the outside world.

They borrow the noise-cancelling tech from the B&O Beoplay H9 over-ear cans, which allows them to cut out sound down to the 15dB frequency.

To power this, they use a battery which is contained in an aluminium box that’s attached to the earphone’s cable (which you can see in the image below), creating possibly one of the sleekest battery boxes around.

That box also holds the volume control and is also scratch resistant.

To top that off, the headphones are pretty lightweight, with each bud weighing down to just 50g.

You can pick up the Beoplay E4 earphones today in black for £249, which includes a charging cable, a flight adapter, four silicone ear tips, and a pair of Memory Foam ear tips.

You can find out more and pick up a pair for yourself at the source link.

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