The best Apil Fools’ Day jokes of 2015

Samsung creates new uses for the smartphone with the new Galaxy Blade EdgeGoogle turns backwards with com.googleGet around London quickly with the new Smart ePants from FireboxProcrastinate less with the new self-browsing ChromebooksKeep track of your cat with Nokia's Here Kitty Socks get smart with the HTC RE SokAsus goes back to basics with the Zenfone ZeroThe Lumia gets MS.DOSPlay Pac Man in the real world with Google MapsGet the perfect picture with the Selfie ShoesPlay games underwater with the PlayStation FlowTinder teams up with UberUber teams up with Tinder

It’s that time of year once again, the day when everyone is a joker but yet everyone is a fool, it’s April Fools day and that means that a number of companies have decided to celebrate the occasion with a few funny announcements for us to enjoy.

Check them all out in the gallery above, we also included a few that we weren’t able to add to the gallery below.

Henry Drone


Agri Birds

Google Panda

Driverless Dominos Delivery

Barclaycard Anything

Google Fiber Dial-up Mode


PlayStation Flow

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