If you just got an iPhone or iPad for a Christmas present yesterday then you are probably wondering what apps you should fill them with, thankfully we have this list for you, hopefully it will give you some ideas.

In the list we have a number of free apps and paid apps, but they are all sure to make the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

screen480x480Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2 is aimed at anyone who is interested in the stars, providing you with a breathtakingly beutiful platform to easily identify stars, constellations, planets and comets in the skies above you, it’s a great app to keep kids interested for a few hours, or just do some research for yourself.

It also features 3D models of notable nebulae, as well as a night-time mode that cuts the screen-light to minimum,

Compatible with the iPhone and iPad, and the Apple Watch too, it costs £2.29 on the iTunes App Store and is available now.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 15.58.50

Layout by Instagram

Layout is an iPhone app that allows you to create personalised layouts from your Instagram photos, allowing you to mix up to 9 photos into a collage. With the app users can also tap a face to quickly add photos that contain that person, capture quick shots in Photo Booth, and share layouts on social networks.

Layout is available for free on the iPhone.


Pacemkaer is a brilliant app that brings DJing to the masses, allowing users to create mixes by simply choosing music from iTunes or Spotify, set the transitions that you want to add between tracks, and then hit play and you’re good to go.

What’s more the app also works seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch, offering a range of extra features between the devices. It is available for free on all of those devices.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 16.12.40Camera51

Camera51 is an app for anyone who wants to capture awesome photos, but don’t know how, allowing you to take photos without having to have the knowledge of how to take a photo. With auto framing and auto composition technology, it identifies and selects the main objects and lines of the photo to tell the user where to frame the photo.

It also has an auto selfie feature that is said to allow you to take the ultimate selfie automatically. It is available for the iPad and the iPhone for free on the iTunes App Store.


Inbox by Gmail

A few weeks ago we would have said the Mailbox app was the best email application for the iPhone, however since that was recently shut down, we would say that Inbox by Gmail is now the best mailbox application for the iPhone and iPad. Allowing you to view the most important information without forcing you to view all of your emails at once, Inbox splits your messages into bundles and highlights the most important information in an email without having to open it. All working seamlessly with Gmail.


Virtual Reality is still in its beginning stages, despite that there are still a number of ways you can access VR content  now, with services available like Vrse that offer users access to virtual reality content.

Screenshot 2015-12-26 16.22.55Within the app you are able to access 3D and full screen curated video content, with dynamically changing directional binaural sound and support for Google Cardboard.


Detour is an audio tour application that makes it easy for users to find out information about places that they are visiting, as they walk through it, with location based synchronisation, the app uses your location to guide you as you walk. Audio can also be synced with your friends and family for a shared experience, with a directory of restuarants, cafes, shops and other locations to visit.

Detour is available for free on the iPhone.


Dubsmash is an awesome application that allows you to create funny videos with music in a few seconds, allowing users to dub over well-known quotes and sounds and share their videos with friends.


Enlight is said to be the “most comprehensive, highest quality photo editing app” available on the App Store, with a range of features that allows you to edit your photo and make the most out of it, with controls for over tone, color, and details, as well as masking tools and a number of filters to enhance your photos.

Enlight is available for the iPhone and the iPad for £2.99.

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