The web can be a dangerous place sometimes, but today you really need to watch what you read and see as today is April Fools’ Day.

This is because April Fools’ Day has become huge for companies on the internet, with a number of companies from Samsung to Barclays joining in to create some of the best jokes of the year.

And this year is most certainly going to be hilarious, so make sure to check back here where we will have the latest April Fools’ Day jokes as they come out during the day.


This one is actually quite a cool addition from DigitalOcean, called CloudSound, it allows you to monitor the sound of the data center in which your server is hosted, all you need to do is hit the listen button from the more dropdown next to your droplet.

Internet of Trousers


“Samsung Electronics, a world leader in Internet of Things and advanced components, announced the Internet of Trousers, a new lineup of IoT-enabled smarter fashion products.”

“The new fashion range includes an exciting collection of pants abounding with innovative functions. And, boasting an array of unique, contemporary styles that fit just about any lifestyle, these smart wearables are just that… wearable.”

“The intelligent trousers, which combine the latest in high-tech with high fashion, were designed to address the pain points of everyday apparel. Samsung has made smarter fashion a reality by embedding the new garments with ARTIK Smarter Fashion chip modules, which communicate with the Smarter Fabric Care app.”

Read more about them here.

Star Trek White Noise sleep aid

Star Trek White Noise sleep aid

It wouldn’t be an April Fools’ Day without a new product from ThinkGeek, and this year they have created a new way to get you off to sleep.

Called the Star Trek White Noise sleep aid, this new product can replicate up to eight sounds from five different spacecraft, and will project a moving star field to get you sound off to sleep.

Zuckerberg x H&M

Zuckerberg H&M

H&M has today unveiled a new line that has been designed specifically to Mark Zuckerberg’s fashion style, consisting of blue jeans and seven grey t-shirts.


Google Cardboard Plastic

Google Photos Emoji search

Google Photos has also added a new feature today, allowing its users to search their photos by inputting emoji.

Inbox Smart Reply

smart reply inbox

Carrying on the Emoji theme, Inbox by Gmail was also updated today, allowing it to provide emoji suggestions instead of text replies, something which Google says will help you create |more open and honest email conversations.”

Gmail Mic Drop

Gmail mic drop

And for those conversations that you need to get the last word in, Gmail has unleashed a new feature they are calling Gmail Mic Drop.

To use it you simply need to hit the “Send + Mic Drop” button, after which everyone will receive you originally posted message, but you won’t see there’s after.

The iFixit Smother Bag

Pimms o’ Clock

Pimms o' clock

Pimms has taken over Big Ben in London to let everyone know when it is Pimms o’ Clock.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Roach

The Proton Pack

he Proton Pack

If you either wanted to be a real Ghostbuster, Sony has the product for you, called the Proton Pack, it has everything you will need to hunt some ghosts, featuring “Superconducting temperatures are maintained by a liquid helium reservoir, and an active cryocooler ensures that operational time vastly exceeds that available from a cryogen dewar alone”.

Adobe Lightroom – Ansel Adams

Project Breadwinner from Razer

Tase & Save

tase and save

First Direct has also unveiled a new product today, in the form of a wearable they have created something called the Save Tap, which will track the wearer’s location and tase them whenever they get close to a shop that they have blacklisted.

This could actually be something we could all find useful, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be able to recognise internet websites, so there’s some way to go yet.


Deliveroo TeleOrder

Virgin Active Personal Trainers

Virgin Active Personal Trainers

After Christmas we all like to go to the gym and try to work off all of the spuds we ate, but wouldn’t it be better just to slide on a pair of shoes, rather than waste a gym subscription?

Virgin think so, and that’s where their new Personal Trainers come in.

Featuring a set of built-in speakers, effort indicators and a projector, the trainers will not only show you over 100 workouts to follow and how well you are doing them, but they will also force you to keep going. This is thanks to their laces, which can’t be removed until 2000 calories have been burned.

No more wasted gym memberships.

Domimaker Remote Slice

Virgin America’s new logo



Smartphones have cause a huge problem, we are all walking into each other as we check the orientation of directions, or replying to the ever persistent troll on Twitter.

Firebox has the answer, called i-Dodge, it is a smartphone case that has an in-built flashing light which will illuminate whenever it senses another pedestrian in front of you, making sure you don’t walk into any more passers-by.



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