This year’s Father’s Day is going to kick off on Sunday, June 18th and so you are going to need some gifts to thank your father for putting up with you for all of those years.

Here at TechNutty, we specialise in letting you know about the latest technology and gadget products and dads love technology, even the older ones, it might take them some time to get used to but if your dad loves a bit of tech then you should definitely think about picking up a tech gift.

Check out what we consider to be the best of those tech and gadget gifts via the list below.

The Never Ending Father’s Day Card

Every event should kick off with a card and this particular card might be one of the best.

Called the Never Ending Father’s Day Card, it is a prank and a note of thankfulness at the same time. From the moment your Father picks up the card it will begin to make fart sounds and it will continue to do that and get louder over the course of three hours, and should your Dad rip open the card to stop the noise it will chick a bunch of confetti at him.

So if you are looking for a pretty cool card for this year’s Father’s Day then you should definitely think about this one.

Pick up the Never Ending Father’s Day Card on Firebox for £11.99

Logitech Harmony Elite

If your dad is always losing the remotes and your coffee table is a mess then he will thank you for the Logitech Harmony Elite.

Like other Logitech Harmony remotes, it consolidates all of your remotes into one easy to use remote with a sleek interface. But unlike them, the Elite has integration with smart home devices (it can also control those smart home devices!) like the Amazon Echo and works alongside your smart devices like a smartphone, no more need for a remote = awesome.

Pick up the Harmony Elite from Amazon for £227.97

The Beeline Smart Compass

We featured the Beeline on our monthly top gadget list earlier this week and for good reason.

It’s a sleek gadget that has been designed to provide bikers with a clever and useful navigation system, but without a lot of stuff in the way. To do this, Beeline shows you the direction that you should be going via an on-screen compass, unlike normal compass’ this one shows where you want to go, not the way to the North Pole.

Check it out it’s pretty cool.

Pick up the Beeline from Evan’s Cycles for £99.99

Bike Balls

To go alongside that Beeline, we would definitely recommend the Bike Balls.

This is a unique kind of bike light that is basically a set of balls (yes that type of balls) that hang from the bottom of a bike seat and light up with a red glow.

They are even made from silicone and so they will hang and flag along as you drive, with a splash/water resistant design that will keep your balls safe no matter the weather.

Check them out on Firebox at the source link below.

Pick up the Bike Balls from Firebox for £19.99

Noke Padlock

With all of that new tech on your dad’s bike and a set of balls, you are going to have to lock that bike up.

There a lot of ways that you can do this, from an alarm that blows up all the way up to a simple bike lock. But this wouldn’t be a tech blog if we suggested a similar bike lock and so for this year’s Father’s Day, we are suggesting a unique kind of lock to you today.

Called the Noke Padlock, it is a Bluetooth padlock that allows you to wirelessly open it up with an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device.

It’s also waterproof, features a Boron-hardened steel shackle, and a one-year battery life.

Buy the Noke Padlock from Currys for £44.99

The Amazon Echo/ Echo Dot

Not only is the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot an awesome option for getting the answers for the questions on your mind but it is also a fantastic way of managing a smart home (one of the best ways to start one also), as well as an awesome way to play some music.

These are two different devices, however, they both will do pretty much the same thing, the main differences are that the Echo Dot is smaller and the Echo has a bigger speaker, whereas although the Dot does have a speaker, you might want to plug it in to play music.

Buy the Amazon Echo from Amazon for from £124.99

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot from Amazon for £49.99

Google Chromecast

A fantastic gift for all occasions is the Google Chromecast, you really can’t go wrong.

I have one personally and it changed my viewing experience, allowing me to cast video and music to a TV from any of my devices without any cables, just WiFi.

It’s a fantastic gadget and it’s also really cheap.

Buy the Chromecast from Currys for £25

Amazon Fire Stick

If your dad doesn’t have devices like a smartphone or tablet, or you if you think that casting might be a bit of a hurdle for him then the Amazon Fire Stick might be a better option.

Unlike the Chromecast, it’s an all-in-one Android devices that builds all of the services you need right into the device, and because it’s on Android, it works with a huge range of apps.

Pick it up from Amazon for £39.99

DJI Phantom 3

If you dad has already flown a drone before and is looking to upgrade that with a new, more capable drone then you should definitely think about gifting the DJI Phantom 3 if your budget stretches that far of course.

There is a range of versions of this drone, however, the standard is a decent pick by itself, featuring a 12-megapixel camera i-built that can record 2.7K HD videos from the air with DJI’s gimbal stabilisation tech.

You can watch all of this with a 720p live video and the camera lasts for up to 25 minutes.

Pick up the DJI Phantom 3 from Amazon for from £449

DJI Mavic Drone

If your budget stretches a little further than this DJI Mavic Pro could become the best gift that your dad has ever received.

It’s very pricey, however, it features a range of specifications along with a unique design that definitely warrants that price tag, featuring a design that folds down to the size of a bottle of water, yet with a sensor that can create true 4K videos from the air and the capability to fly at up to 40mph for up to 27 minutes.

It’s definitely very cool.

Buy the Mavic from Amazon for £1,018

The Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter

If you are looking for something smaller, cheaper, and more expendable then look no further.

The Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter is an awesome little 5 channel control drone that measures just 2 x 3 x 3 cm.

It is powered by 4 x AAA batteries and is capable of performing stunts and tricks in the air with a headless mode function, high-speed rotation, a fab hover function, multi-directional control, and a low power alarm.

Pick up this mini-drone from Red5 for £14.99


The Couchcoaster is another product that we featured in our monthly top gadget list earlier this week.

It is pretty much a lifesaver that stems from a simple idea that we are surprised hasn’t become popular yet, an attachable coaster for your drink on the couch.

It may sound very simple, however, it’s a huge problem.

The Couchcoaster solves it by strapping a coaster to the arm of your sofa, providing a spot for you to place your drink without worrying about it.

Pick up the Couchcoaster on Red5 for £19.99

The Mighty Pint Glass

The Mighty Pint Glass might just be the best pint glass in the world, so good that you might think that it’s from one of those “If Carlsberg did…” adverts.

The reason for this is because the Mighty Pint Glass is near impossible to tip over, hit it, smash it, knock it and it remains in place, yet when you go to pick it up it does so with ease.

If you dad loves drinking beverages that aren’t hot from the odd beer to a glass of coke, this might be a fantastic option.

Pick it up from Firebox for £24.99

RFID Pop-up Wallet

Every dad has a ton of cards in his wallet and that makes it had to get at them cards.

On top of that, normal wallets don’t protect those cards from contactless attacks. This wallet that we are featuring does.

Called the Cardholder Waller, it is a RFID Pop-up wallet that protects your cards from RFID attacks, while providing an easy-to-access solution to getting to those cards with a pop-up second that pops up all of your cards (up to 6) at the push at of a button.

Pick it up from Red5 for £19.99

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 launched in the UK this month and it launched big.

The feature phone is already massively popular selling out of locations and breaking pre-order records at Carphone Warehouse.

That’s despite the spec list, which includes a 2.4-inch colour display, a 2-megapixel rear-facing camera an LED flash light, and no more than 2G connectivity, not even 2.5G.

It does have a month long standard battery life though, so might be the perfect phone for the dad that’s just stepping into technology.

Pick up the Nokia 3310 from Carphone Warehouse

Pick it up from EE instead

Or head over to Vodafone

(if you can find one)

And that’s all for now.

Be sure to suggest your favourite Father’s Day gifts in the comments.

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