There have been many rumours that BlackBerry will be launching its next phone with the Android operating system instead of its own, along with other rumours that their will be a BlackBerry Passport will be announced soon also.

A video that was leaked today may confirm both of those, showing off what is claimed to be the BlackBerry Passport running on the Android operating system.

This was shown off by the Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Tec Rock, the video is not translatable, but at about the 5 minute mark he shows off Android on what he claims to be the BlackBerry Passport.

Watch the video below.

The demo shows what looks to be a basic version of Android Lollipop, with extra BlackBerry specific features like scrolling the display by swiping across the physical keyboard, a notification icon on top of applications, and the ability to switch to widescreen in the Quick Settings to perfectly fit its square display.

Users will also be able to open a on-screen keyboard above the physical one.

Rumours suggest that ahead of the release of the Passport BlackBerry will also release a slider device that has been codenamed Venice, it is said that if the Venice is popular BlackBerry will launch the Passport later in 2016.

Obviously none of this is official yet, but when it is we will let you know.

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