According to a recent leak, the design for the new Nexus 5 has been leaked in a brand new video.

Released by uSwitch and OnLeaks, it is suggested to confirm that the device will feature a USB-C port, a fingerprint reader on the back that has a metal ring around it, and a 5.2 inch display with front-facing speakers.

According to rumours, the handset will be manufactured by LG and will come in a design that is 8mm at its thinnest, and 9mm with the primary camera hight included.

The back of the device is said to feature a black design that is wrapped around curved edges that makes it easy to hold.

Rumours also suggest that this will be launched alongside another stock-Android smartphone from Huawei, which is said to feature a 5.7 inch display, a metal design, USB-C port, a fingerprint reader on the back and front-facing speakers.

However as of yet all of this is just rumours, however reports suggests that both phones will launch later this year with Android M.

Check out the leaked video below for a quick look.

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