Today Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment revealed more details about The Division’s third expansion.

Called Last Stand, the DLC will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and on the PC at the same time, rather than being a timed exclusive to the Xbox One like the previous two expansions were.

When it is released, Last Stand will be bringing some new PvP gameplay to the game, with new PvP game modes that will pit two teams of four players against each other in the Darkzone sections 7 and 8.

The mode will also add three hot zones that will come with their own objectives that players will need to complete within them. If you complete all of the objectives then you will win the zone. The first team to capture three zones will win the match.

They have not revealed any details about any new PvE content yet, however, we already know that Last Stand will not bring a gear score increase.

That said, a new Incursion is planned.

There’s no release date information yet, however, we will keep you updated as we learn more.

You can check out the new teaser trailer below for a quick look in the meantime.


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