Typically we see announcements of drones for fun, but this week we have finally seen the next step to that, a drone that can actually fly a person without needing a pilot.

Called the Ehang 184, the quadcopter was shown off at CES 2016 in Las Vagas this week, and features a large enough build to carry a human passenger, without any controls or the need of a pilot.

The copter is an invention by a Chinese company, and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 63mph, and can fly to heights of up to 11,500 feet, whilst carrying loads of up to 100kg for 23 minutes of continous flight.

So that all works out to about a 20 mile flight if conditions are great, but this could still be used in many different situations to provide help in cases like remote locations.

To control it, the user simply needs to connect a tablet to the copter, with easy to use controls that simply involve programming a waypoint and then hitting “take off” and then “land”. From inside of the Ehang 184 the passenger is able to control the climate and lighting internally.

Ehang also plan to implement a remote control centre within the copter, allowing the passwnger to take control of the drone should any issue arise.

However at the moment it is unlikely that you will see one of these soon, we still need laws to be implemented on drones, especially drones that can carry a passenger.

Alongside that, it also has an expected price tag of between $200,000 and $300,000.



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