The European Union’s Court of Justice today ruled that it is now illegal to sell set-top boxes that have been specifically designed to easily pirate film and TV content.

The court published this ruling today, siding against a man named Mr. Wullems, who was previously selling multimedia players that had been configured in this way through a German site named

This was despite the underlining software in the boxes being completely legal.

The court ruled that because Wullems’ set-top boxes provided direct links to pirated material, they promoted piracy and thus they constituted as making a copyright-infringing communication to the public, despite full knowledge of the consequences according to the court.

Wullems was also selling the boxes for profit, which made the matter worse for him.

That all said, it is legal to reproduce a copyrighted work, which could prove to be a good counter-argument to make, however, the court did say that these boxes didn’t meet the requirements for this exemption, due to their transmissions adversely affecting the copyright holder.,

Of course, this all comes down to the software that these boxes are using, Kodi.

Kodi is an application that wasn’t built for pirating but for streaming services from a range of services, however, because creators can create their own links to the content that is provided by Kodi, it can easily become a box for piracy if the user so chooses to.

It has been reported that Kodi is planning to change the software to try and stop these kinds of implementations, however, they have yet to reveal any details about those plans.

Of course, we will be sure to update you as more is revealed that relates to this.

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