As promised, EA has today added another Battlefield 4 DLC for free download, news that comes after the company did the same for a couple of other DLCs earlier last month.

Final Stand will be available to download for free today until May 24th, 2016, coming as part of EA’s Road to Battlefield scheme.

It will include all of the same content as when it was originally released with brand new maps and gameplay.

EA explains more:

Jump into any Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map and collectively score 500,000 Million total Bow kills to get a Gold Battlepack. This mission is active between May 17, 2016 9AM PT and May 23, 2016 9AM PT.

Fight in secret military installations and get your mitts on high-tech prototype weapons like the devastating railgun Rorsch MK-1, that fires a single powerful ignited by kinetic energy.

Use the Snowmobile or take helm of the experimental hover tank HT-95 Levkov, capable of versatile movement, to master the sub-zero landscapes and harsh blizzards of the four all-new maps.

Gadgets and Battle Pickups like the flying, machine gun-equipped drone XD-1 Accipiter and the sneaky DS-3 Decoy Signal give you the upper hand on the Battlefield.

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