Naughty Dog has today revealed that the long-awaited DLC will be released for Uncharted 4 this week.

As the first DLC for the game, it will come with a range of new multiplayer weapons, skins, taunts, boosters, custom loadout names, a map and more.

As Naughty Dog revealed today, the DLC will be released on June 29th, however, they haven’t released any more details than that just yet.

They did explain with the following:

“We’re all excited about this release because not only does it include a lot of great content – like our first free map – but it includes updates to multiplayer that many of you have been asking for,.

“There’s one in particular we won’t reveal here, but you can probably guess what it is if you’ve been tracking what is likely the most requested new feature by our community.”

Naughty Dog will be revealing more about the DLC during a livestream on Tuesday however, set to be hosted on the Naughty Dog Twitch channel, it will kick off at 8:30PM BST.

Source: Naughty Dog

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