Fujifilm has gotten on the “S” branding scheme this week, announcing its new E-E2S compact system camera, which has some minor changes from the E2S.

The design of the camera is pretty much the same as the previous version, except it features a redesigned grip and body shape for better grip when holding the camera.

It also has a higher resolution, with a faster-responding viewfinder that has 2.36m-dots across the EL panel.

Under the hood we see even more changes, with an updated autofocus that is similar to the X-T10. However, the camera still uses the same 16-megapixel sensor.

In other specs, the X-E2S can shoot at 7fps, with a total of seven function buttons, Q button customization and an electronic shutter that can snap at up to 1/32,000th sec.

The X-E2S will be available for £549 for the body only, or with a 18-55mm lens for £749, both of which will be available in February.

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