The GCHQ has finally decided to join Twitter, this comes as part of an ongoing strategy in which the intelligence agency wants to become more open and accessible about the work it does for the UK.

However, in a statement that was given today, GCHQ media head Andrew Pike revealed that the agency would not be sharing intelligence updates or giveaway the tradecraft it employs.

Instead, it will be used to allow the GCHQ to get involved in debates on technology and cyberspace, as well as update their followers on the agency’s history, outcomes of missions and the technology that it uses.

The first Tweet that they sent out including just two words, “Hello, world”.

The launch of this Twitter account comes after various other moves from the GCHQ to engage with the technical world, the most recent of which was the launch of its repository on Github, where they aim to share technology that they have developed in-house with other developers.

Interestingly, one of the first Twitter accounts that the GCHQ followed was the official account for the fictional spy James Bond, which is @007 in case you didn’t know, whilst that is humorous, it does also seem rather ironic.

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