The Hermes Apple Watch is now available in both the US and the UK-based Apple store’s, allowing anyone to purchase the watch from their online store from today.

The Hermes Apple Watch can be purchased from those stores with pricing starting at £1,000 in the UK, and going all the way up to £1,350 if you choose added extras.

With the Single Tour strap, you can get the 38mm model for £1,000 or the 42mm version for £1,050.

It will also be available with the Double Tour strap in the 38mm version for £1,150, as well as with the Cuff strap for a massive £1,350 for the 42mm version.

You can find out more about all of the new Hermes Apple Watch at the source link below, where you can also purchase the watch, with a total of 10 models to choose from.

Source: Apple

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