Today the British Gas-backed smart home company, Hive announced the released of a brand new smart home device that has been named the Hive Camera.

This camera has been designed to compete with other security camera options such as the Nest Cam, Logi Circle or Netgear’s Arlo range.

It has been designed to allow Hive users monitor their home without actually being in your home, providing 24/7 coverage of your home on the go.

You can also use the camera with motion and audio detection, which will trigger alerts when the camera detects either. The camera can also be set to record when it detects audio or motion on your smartphone automatically, however, you do have to allow access to that.

That said, it’s a pretty cool way of doing things and the first time that we have seen an implementation like this.

To top that off, the camera also comes with a two-way audio function which will allow you to monitor the things around the camera such as a baby and then speak to them. You will also be able to zoom into areas of the live video and even trigger noise such as a barking dog, police siren or an alarm noise.

You will be able to connect this to Hive current system as well.

You will be able to pick up the Hive Camera from June 29th, 2017 when it will be available for £129 as a standalone device.

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