The Model 3 from Tesla is set to change how EVs are thought of for good, delivering a high-end electric experience from Tesla at a lower price tag of from just $35,000.

Sadly, Tesla hasn’t released this device just yet and we don’t know too much about it.

Thankfully an image was posted online today that seems to show the interior of the car, showing quite the premium look for such a car with such a price tag.

We can see that massive tablet in the center of the screen that follows suit from the Model S, alongside a black leather and suede interior that really finishes the look off.

Like the Model S, we expect that you will be able to choose your own look and feel for this car when the configurator goes live.

Of course, Tesla hasn’t fully revealed the designs that you will be able to choose from, however, we will update you should they do that.

In the meantime, the image above might be a good view of what to expect.

Also here are some images from the Imgur where that first image came from:

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