LaCie has this week unveiled what is probably the best-looking SSD drive that they have ever unveiled, and possibly the best looking one that is available anywhere.

Called the LaCie Chrome, it is an external SSD that has been designed by Neil Poulton and is described as a “trophy for tech connoisseurs.”

That trophy will cost $1,100 and will provide access to two 500GB SSDs that have been conjoined via a RAID 0 configuration to provide 1TB of storage, and read and write speeds that top out at 940MB/s, which allows for great advantages.

LaCie explained more in the following statement:

“This performance lets users ingest two hours of 4K GoPro footage in a little over one minute, makes architectural and 3D modeling tasks smoother and faster, and enables the editing of hi-res video without first needing to convert footage to a lower resolution.”

The only problem is that you’ll need a USB-C cable, alongside a big wallet.

LaCie Chrome 2


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