Hasbro recently unveiled the latest edition of their Monopoly game, called Ultimate Banking it should help solve one of the biggest problems with playing Monopoly with family or friends, and that is choosing the banker.

Called Monopoly Ultimate Banking, the idea is to do away with paper money completed, removing the possibility of players using the money to unfairly and debuting the use of debit cards instead.

This means that you no longer need a Banker position at all, as this process has been replaced with an electronic card reader.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking-1

Players use this card when purchasing property or transferring money between players, to do they simply scan the property’s bar code and then their own cash card in a property transaction, or the debit cards of the involved players in a money transaction.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking will be available for purchase this autumn for $25 (around £18) in the US. We don’t yet know the availability or pricing for other regions.

Source: Hasbro

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