If you are looking for a new standing desk, and fancy saving a bit of space at the same time then you might be interested in this new standing desk from Lian Li.

Called the Dk-04, this new standing desk combines the features of a desk with the features a computer, allowing you to fit even the most powerful PC setups right into the desk.

It can also be controlled with a number of electronic motors to lower and raise it from 67.5 cm up to a maximum of 116 cm.

The dimensions of the desk is 1,200mm x 780mm-1,170mm x 720mm.

It also comes equipped with 4 x front facing fans and 4 x rear facing fans and can support water cooling systems, alongside a CPU cooler as high as 140mm, and a VGA card as high as 320mm.

You can check it out via the video below, and at the source link.

Source: Lian Li

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