The brand new Nest Cam has finally been made available in the UK.

Launching less than a month after it made its debut in the US, the new Nest Cam is heavily based on Dropcam, which Nest acquired last year for $555 million.

In terms of specs it provides 1080p video surveillance recordings that can be monitored and controlled from the user’s smartphone.

It also features a magnetic base with a tripod mount, 8 in-built infrared LEDs that can be used to detect and record motion when it goes dark. The Nest Cam also has Wi-Fi connectivity in-built, allowing users to tune into the video stream from the camera from anywhere with internet connectivity.

It also features a wide-angle lens with a 130 degree field of view.

The Nest Cam is available now, priced at £159. Soon it will also be joined by the Nest Aware cloud backup service, which lets you look at videos that have been recorded over the past 30 days, this will be priced at £8 per month.

From today Nest will also be launching its latest Protect alarm in the UK, which is priced at £89.

You can find out more information about both products at the source link below.

Source: Nest Cam, Nest Protect



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