Earlier today the new version of the legendary Nokia 3310 went on sale in the UK.

It was available from a number of retailers in the morning but you will probably have a hard time finding one this late into the day. That’s because the phone has already sold out at a number of retailers across the UK.

In particular, Carphone Warehouse has reported on their website that they have sold out of all of the available 2017 Nokia 3310 models, which isn’t surprising since they recently revealed that they had 10 times more pre-registration interest than any other flagship devices from MWC in its history.

That said, there are some retailers who still have stock of the new phone (at the time of writing), including Vodafone, who do only have the blue-coloured model, but they at least have one version of it.

They are offering that blue model on pay as you go for £39 when purchased with £10 credit.

Thankfully, Vodafone will be getting some more colours from mid-June.

Sadly, EE hasn’t made the handset available just yet, and O2 previously stated that they weren’t interested in offering it (whoops).

Despite the fanfare, the device isn’t that exciting if we are honest.

The main thing that it has going for it is nostalgia as in terms of specs, it’s simply a 2.4-inch QVGA phone that has no WiFi, no GPS, and not even 2.5G connectivity.

If you are still looking to pick up one, you will find them in stores now in red, yellow, matte grey, and dark blue from today.

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